Located in Somerset, the Apple Tree Hotel is the perfect getaway, nestled in an area renowned for its outstanding natural beauty. Just a short distance from the hotel are the Quantock Hills which feature some unmissable views and walks. There’s a beautiful wooded area with views leading over the Bristol Channel and on to South Wales. A perfect day out and an idyllic walking destination there’s plenty of trails and tracks that stretch miles.

Throughout the year you can find a variety of wildlife in the area from red deer through to Exmoor ponies and countless birds including woodpeckers and nightjars. Whether you are an avid rambler, or you want a short, quiet walk the Quantock Hills have a lot to offer. Depending on the route you take, you can either meander through the wooded areas or venture along the hillsides to open moorland. There’s plenty of trails to follow but we have a top two, the first if you prefer a short walk and the second which takes you a little further.

If you prefer a shorter trek the Cothelstone Hill walk would be ideal. The walk will take you just 2.5 miles and takes about an hour and a half, perfect if you don’t want to venture too far. On this walk you will see three bronze age burial mounds and if you’re a history enthusiast, you can also see Folly Tower. Then, there’s the Seven Sisters which form in a group of established beech trees and in the springtime, you can enjoy a beautiful bluebell carpet.

For those who prefer a longer walk The Coleridge Way is always a favourite. It’s a 51 mile route, starting at Nether Stowey running all the way down to Lynmouth. The walk will guide you through Exmoor and the Brendon Hills and the entire route will take between four and five days so it’s more suited to seasoned walkers.

As well as these two walks you can also explore the local area by bike and the Quantock Hills are always a favourite with cyclists. Or you can try horse riding. There’s a selection of riding schools around the Quantock area allowing you to explore the natural wonders of the hills a slightly different way.

The Apple Tree Hotel is a perfect destination if you have your sights set on exploring the Quantock Hills. However, you decide to discover this beautiful area you will see some absolutely stunning sights along the way, whatever time of the year you decide to visit.