Make the most of your time in Bridgwater by exploring the local historic houses and museums. Believe us when we say you will be blown away by the distinguished homes, castles and museums. Learn about the stories behind the castle that sits proudly on top of a steep, wooded hill or feel like royalty as you wandered the picturesque place that is the village of Montacute.

Which will it be? Are you interested in exploring quaint inns and country gardens? Then you should explore Montacute House and learn about the completion of the house in 1601. If you are looking to fill your day with family fun and history, then you should venture to the Museum of Somerset.

If you are looking for a day out that is filled with original décor and antiquities, you should explore the wonders of Barrington Court. Barrington Court is a 16th Century Tudor House that has been restored, and you have the chance to step back in time by entering this house.

Many of the historic houses and museums we have listed are situated on stunning land you can explore, and you can even remember the visit with a trip to some of the gift shops. Each historic house and museum would make an exciting day out for you and your family, and you might even prompt a love for history within your kids.

Explore the wonders that Bridgwater has to offer.