As the Quantock Hills is one of the most beautiful parts of the country, there’s no shortage of things to do that involve getting outdoors and sampling some nature. And why wouldn’t you? The hills cover a range of different landscapes, from shrouded forests to trails that run for miles. Whatever you like doing in the great outdoors, the Quantock Hills has got it.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at three of the best things to do if you’re one of those couples that just loves to get out and explore.

Horse Riding on the Hills

Perhaps one of the very best ways to see and experience the Quantock Hills is by hoof. The amazing views, which offer a panorama of this special area, are worth it alone, but it’s also a varied ride that will take you through a range of stunning landscapes.

There are few places where you can see such a diverse array of scenery, and all on the back of your very own horse companion. You’ll see heathland, ancient woodlands and sweeping vistas, all whilst your horse does all the trekking. What could be better?

Mountain Biking

The Quantock Hills have become a serious magnet for mountain bikers in recent years. Riders are drawn to the area because of its seclusion, but also because the varied, hilly landscape is covered in great trails. It’s as if the area was made for getting out and doing some furious cycling.

If you don’t have your own bike, hires are available, with delivery available for a small additional fee. Just be sure to start off slow before you go for the full mountain biking Quantock experience, as some of the trails are harder to ride than they look!

Hiking in the Quantock Hills

Sometimes the best thing to do is just strap on your hiking boots and explore everything the Quantock Hills has to offer – it is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty after all.

If you simply pick a direction or trail and follow it, you can’t help but stumble across beautiful scenes and landscapes, which can change more quickly than you might realise. A hike in the Quantock Hills is a voyage of discovery, and you never know what’s over the brow of the next hill. Hiking is a great way to see and feel what the area is really about, with an ancient history and unparalleled beauty all yours to discover.

If you’re thinking about visiting the Quantock Hills, get in touch with us here at the Apple Tree Hotel. Perfectly situated and welcoming, you’ll be well placed to sample everything the hills have to offer.