Are you debating the pros and cons of a hotel getaway? Well, we are here to share 5 benefits, you might not have considered when thinking about a hotel getaway. This blog post contains benefits such as enhanced productivity and saving time.

  • 1. Everything you need in one room

With an en-suite, Free-view LCD TV, luxury toiletries, free high-speed Wi-Fi, and many more facilities in each room, you could spend an entire weekend in your hotel room. Of course, we don’t advise it, as there is a lot to see in the surrounding area, but you will be well cared from during your stay at Apple Tree Hotel.

Sometimes, all you need is a break from the regular 9-to-5, and the typical weekend schedule.

  • 2. Save your holiday days

In a year you don’t have that many vacation days to spare, with a hotel getaway, however, you don’t need to take an endless amount of days off. In fact, you can spread your getaway over a weekend, and enjoy a long, relaxed weekend. You don’t even have to use your vacation days, as you can have a hotel getaway entirely on the weekend. Drive to Apple Tree Hotel on a Friday evening and enjoy two days of relaxation and adventure.

  • 3. Time-saving

A short, weekend hotel visit does not take much planning, which means less stress. You can squeeze in a hotel getaway into any weekend. All you really have to do is book a room. Not only does a hotel getaway take less time to plan, but it also takes less travelling time. No flight to catch, no taxi to book, you can just drive to Apple Tree Hotel and start your getaway.

  • 4. Recharge

Day to day life can be stressful, to say the least. Whether you are working, running after the kids or caring for a loved one, a hotel getaway can provide you with a chance to recharge. For a weekend, you can focus on yourself, relax and unwind.

  • 5. Productivity

Taking a break from your typical day to day life can improve your productivity and focus in the long term. Working non-stop for weeks on end can cause burnout and frustration, so a hotel getaway, even for a few days can break this cycle and can lead to you being more focused in your life.


Those are our 5 benefits of a hotel getaway, but there are many more reasons you should treat yourself to a stay at Apple Tree Hotel. If this blog post has convinced you to treat yourself to a hotel getaway, you can contact our team at Apple Tree Hotel today.