With the lockdown coming to an end, you might be wanting to do some activities, ones that you can do safely. Luckily, Apple Tree Hotel has you covered. Not only have we been awarded the AA COVID Confident Certificate, but we have a wide array of activities in the local area that will keep you entertained.

The Glastonbury Tor, for example, features countryside space, which is open to visitors. They encourage visitors to observe social distancing measures, but the beauty of this serene location has not faded.

You can overlook the Isle of Avalon, Glastonbury and even Somerset from this iconic and evocative landmark. From this location, you can even have a stunning 360-degree view of Dorset, Wales and Wiltshire.

This post will share how you can make the most of Glastonbury Tor, during your stay at Apple Tree Hotel.

Hidden Mysteries and Legends

One of the most fascinating aspects about the Glastonbury Tor is the legends and myths surrounding this hill, or should we say, what rests beneath. You can explore the scenery while sharing stories with your family about what is beneath the hill. For example, it is said that there are mysterious caves that allow you passage into a fairy realm.

There are so many stories that will entertain your kids and even keep adults on their toes. The national trust website for the Glastonbury Tor shares additional legends, which you can share as stories during your outing.


Depending on the time of year you venture to the Glastonbury Tor, it has different wildlife to see. From an array of birds, butterflies and peacocks to foxes, rabbits and badgers and even various livestock, such as sheep and cows, there is a whole host of wildlife to see.

Some wildlife comes out later in the evening and at different times of the year. Ensure you check to see which wildlife you are more likely to see before heading to the Glastonbury Tor.


One thing we love the most about Glastonbury Tor is that you can simply wander around after a stressful day or week, and relax. Take in the stunning scenario, and even bring a picnic with you. Let wind wash over you, and let your worries blow away.


If you want to make visiting the Glastonbury Tor convenient, you can spend a relaxing night at our Apple Tree Hotel.