When you are spending time in Bridgwater, you want to make sure you are making the most of your time. While certain historic houses and museums are not open during Lockdown, you can still explore the green spaces many have to offer.

This blog post will explore the places you can safely explore during Lockdown and beyond. Check out our favourite Lockdown locations below.

Barrington Court

The Tudor Manor house might be closed, but the outdoor spaces at Barrington Court are open for local visitors. You can wander around the garden and parkland, whether you are going for a leisurely walk or your exercise routine.

You can spend as much time as you want at Barrington Court within the opening hours and explore the gardens to your heart’s content. See what flowers are growing, and unwind as you walk around wildflowers and the long grass.

You are advised to book before you arrive due to safety regulations.

Dunster Castle and Watermill

Outdoor spaces at Dunster Castle and Watermill are still open for local visitors. The parkland is open daily, while the gardens are open at the weekend. Make your trip a true adventure by bringing a picnic with you to the grounds, and relax as you admire the gardens.

Montacute House

Admire Elizabethan Renaissance Architecture as you wander around the outdoor spaces at Montacute House. The outdoor spaces at Montacute House remain open for local visits, and you can walk around the grounds while you gaze upon the towering walls from the gardens and parkland.

To add comfort to your stay at Montacute House, there is a takeaway café with a limited menu for safety. You can purchase a cake, crisps, drinks and even sandwiches from the café, and wander around the grounds.


Even during Lockdown, there are places you can safely explore. You might have to think creatively about ways to spend your weekend, but it will be a memorable experience. Check out some of the places we have mentioned, either during Lockdown, or post-Lockdown, as they truly are some of our favourite places to explore in Bridgwater.

Our team at Apple Tree Hotel are always happy to help with any relevant questions you might have about your stay with us, so do not hesitate to contact us today. We hope you enjoy your adventure in Bridgwater.