Lockdown might not be over, but the restrictions are eased enough to go for a walk or exercise outdoors. We know how repetitive your local trail around Somerset might be, so we thought we would put together a list of 4 places you can go in Somerset.

These places are the perfect getaway from your house, before, during and after Lockdown, but while Lockdown is still active, you will need to follow the rules while visiting these places. Make sure you observe social distancing and stay two metres apart from anyone outside your households. You might meet up with a friend, but make sure you are staying two metres apart.

Whether you want to exercise, go for a nature walk or explore a woodland area, these four places are a great place to go.

Combe Hill wood

Explore 62 acres of woodland in Somerset by venturing to the Combe hill wood. A diverse woodland is an ideal place for walkers, and the stunning viewpoints make the walk worth it. Most visitors will say there are four primary viewpoints, where you can look out and enjoy the breath-taking view.

Birdwatchers will also love this location, as there have been records of many exciting birds here. For example, some birds include pheasants, kestrels, sparrow hawks and Roe deer.

Dundon Beacon

The historical landmark of Dundon Beacon is a fantastic place to explore, and you will be surprised at the vast woodland you discover. There are 24 hectares to explore; however, there is no formal car park. If you are lucky, you will see grazing animals such as sheep, ponies and cattle.

Yeovil Country Park

Yeovil Country Park gives you 127 acres of countryside to explore, and the site itself wraps around the market town of Yeovil. There are five areas of the park, and visitors have mentioned the beauty of the waterfall and scenery.

Lake Grounds

Lake Pleasure Grounds on Weymouth St is a quiet spot hidden away in Warminster where you can walk and exercise. The play areas might be closed while writing this; however, the skate park and tennis courts are open. There are rules in place right now, due to social distancing, to make sure every visitor remains safe.

The beautiful and relaxing environment is great for an afternoon walk, and you might even see a few swans on your walk.

Things to do

Are you still not sure about exploring Somerset? Well, we have a whole host of things you can do while there, including hiking across the Quantock Hills. Check them out here.