Cheddar Gorge is just a short drive from us here at the Apple Tree Hotel and is one of the most stunning sights in Somerset. From the dramatic limestone cliffs rising 450ft high to venturing into the spectacular secret caves and quaint shops, Cheddar Gorge is the ideal place to visit when you stay with us. Whether you are interested in nature, history or geology, or you want to experience the breath-taking views, Cheddar Gorge has it all. Below we have listed everything you could possible want to do on a day out, whether it the sun is shining or rain is trickling down.

Seeing the sights

Cheddar Gorge can be explored in many ways, for the more energetic climbing the 274 steps to the Lookout Tower will be rewarded with the breath-taking views and picnic area to rest. The Three-Mile cliff top walk takes up to one and a half hours and climbs to the highest point overlooking the spectacular sights of horseshoe bend and The Pinnacles then descending to Black Rock Gate.

For the adrenaline junky, Cheddar Gorge X-Treme offers you the ultimate experience of conquering the heights of the 50ft high cliff. Led by a team of highly trained guides, it is an exhilarating activity and is suitable for beginners if you want to try something new. For the less energetic, Cheddar Gorge is known for its open-top bus which offers a 20-minute tour where you can sit back, relax and take in the amazing views whilst listening to a historic commentary.


Cheddar Gorge scenic and thriving landscape has the perfect habitat for animals, birds and plants to flourish in. It is a special area of conservation where mosses and lichens add colour to the protruding limestone cliffs and the ledges are home to the cheddar pink and cheddar Bedstraw. The large blue butterfly, grasshopper warbler, domice and peregrine falcons are just some of the animals and species that reside on the Gorge.

For the less faint hearted, the horseshoe bats that reside within the caves are the largest colony in the UK. Once equipped with an ultra-sonic bat detector, you scan the dark air and watch the endangered horseshoe bats roosting on the ceilings of the caves and feast on midges, small moths and caddis flies.

The wonders of the caves

Gough’s Cave and Cox’s Cave are just some of the caves surrounding the Cheddar Gorge and are open to the public. Both caves are famous for the most breath-taking stalactites that descend from the high tops of the cave and the stalagmites that form from the mineral deposits from water trickling down. Capture the beauty of the limestone rock dissolving into the mirrored water whilst taking in the historic knowledge that surrounds the prehistoric caves. With lighting enhancing the natural splendors of the caves and creating illusions whilst exploring into the deep depths, it is sure to capture the fascination of everyone young and old.

The old and the new

Cheddar Gorge has a mix of new and traditional shops. With numerous outlets selling everything from freshly made fudge, West Country Ales to souvenirs, you would be sure to find something for everyone. Whilst visiting Cheddar Gorge why not venture into the traditional cheese company and sample some of the most finest made cheese whilst seeing it being made in front of your eyes. If you have more of a sweet tooth, the Cheddar Sweet Kitchen have a huge range of handmade confectionary and hold demonstrations on a regular basis.



Residing in the outstanding beauty of the Mendips, Cheddar Gorge is the ideal place to explore. Whether you are nature lovers, history enthusiasts, devoted to the outdoor air or just trying to find something to entertain your family, Cheddar Gorge covers it all. Capture the natural beauty of the high cliffs, wildlife and caves whilst stopping off to experience the traditional beverages and food this quaint town produce.