Everyone loves a staycation as they are cost-effective, fun, and you can pack whatever you want! You have so much more flexibility when it comes to a hotel staycation, but that can make it difficult to know what to pack. With so much you can pack, where do you start?

Well, we are here to help. Before you pack the car and head to Apple Tree Hotel, we wanted to provide you with the ultimate hotel staycation packing list to give you some ideas on what you should pack.

Travel Bag/Suitcase

You might think that with a staycation, you can throw everything in the boot of your car, and that will be fine. While this can be a good tactic to save space, it might be difficult to transport everything from the car to the hotel. Make sure you have a sturdy travel bag or suitcase for all your items. A travel suitcase does make it easier to transport, thanks to the wheels.

Sun Cream

When travelling within the UK, you might forgo the sun cream, as the sun tends to disappear in the UK; however, it also has a habit of reappearing just as quickly as it left. Make sure you pack some sun cream for your staycation as you never know when you might need it.

Picnic Blanket

Make the most out of the beautiful scenery in Somerset by packing a picnic blanket, which is great for outdoor adventures.

Walking Boots

With so many things to do, especially if you stay at Apple Tree Hotel, we recommend packing some walking boots or trainers to make your adventure in the great outdoors much more comfortable.


In contrast to the sun cream, you might find it extremely useful to have a raincoat on hand, especially with how unpredictable the weather in the UK can be.


Don’t forget to pack the chargers you need for your trip.


Games are a key item to pack as you might experience quiet times while on a staycation. Whether you cannot find an activity to do, or you just fancy a peaceful night in our hotel, we have some board games or card games available that could be perfect in these situations.

Comfy Clothing

Nearly everyone focuses on packing the outfits for when they go out on their staycation, but most people forget to pack the comfy clothes they need while lounging around their hotel. Make sure you pack some comfy clothes for added relaxation.

What item would you add to this list?