The Quantocks is an unforgettable and magical experience for those who love the savoury sites that England has to offer. Situated in Somerset, the Quantocks provides breathtaking views of the Welsh coast and Somerset itself.

So for those who love the great outdoors, what better way to immerse yourself in the bliss of the Quantock hills, than hopping on a mountain bike and exploring everything this magical slice of heaven can show you.

In this blog, we’re going to show you how to plan a mountain biking weekend in the Quantocks!

The Apple Tree Hotel warmly invites you to our blog, where will we show you all the best that Somerset has to offer, and how you can make the most of it. Our scenic hotel and restaurant is the homely hub of many explorers, appreciators of scenic country, and tourists alike! 

Our family owned and ran country hotel is your home away from home, and there’s a big garden for you to explore! Whether you’re staying for the night, want a nice environment for a conference or meeting, or a relaxing hearty meal, we have everything you need.

What makes the Quantock hills special?

In current times, the Quantock hills provide a visual splendour in its medley of landscapes that combine to make a beautiful experience for anyone. Ancient parklands, Oak forests, and more, a diverse range of views that can serve to be a peaceful escape from the hubbub of city life.

But it’s not only the magnificent scenery and nature that makes the Quantocks special and visited so frequently, it is also seeped in ancient history that truly gives perspective to the journey of England as a whole.

From evidence of Bronze Age habitation, to Anglo-Saxon control, to even scenes of rebel execution and World War 2 history, the Quantocks is a treasure trove of historical significance that shapes its stature beyond its aesthetics.

How big is the Quantocks?

The Quantocks is covered twelve by four miles of engaging environments, although this seems compact, its sheer vastness is only understood upon arriving. In addition, Somerset is home to many delightful activities, sights and adventures that you, your friends and family will surely enjoy.

Why you should mountain bike in the Quantocks

Due to its hills, views, and trails available, not to mention the sheer size of the area, mountain biking in the Quantocks is a good way to see most of the sites if you aren’t staying for too long. 

Whether you bring your own mountain bike, or hire one from the local area, you are sure to have fun, or even challenge yourself. Furthermore, mountain biking is a great way to stay fit physically and mentally, in addition to the fact you will be spending time in nature, which is proven to reduce stress and anxiety. 

Benefits of mountain biking

  • Develops endurance
  • Develops stamina
  • Enhances cardiovascular strength.
  • Helps to develop muscle, usually in the abdominal core and legs.
  • Can develop coordination.
  • Develops the ability to think instinctually (when maintaining control whilst riding fast or downhill)
  • Stress reduction due to exercise and spending time in nature.
  • Can be performed by most people at most ages with.
  • You can travel further in less time, and sometimes less effort.

And much more.

So now that we hopefully highlighted some reasons as to why a mountain biking weekend in the Quantocks sounds like an exciting plan, let’s show you how to plan it.

How to plan a mountain biking weekend in the Quantocks

Planning a mountain biking weekend in the Quantocks isn’t as complicated as it may seem, here’s a simple step by step of what you need to plan for your upcoming adventure in the Quantocks!

Step 1: Book your stay

The first step in your mountain biking weekend is picking the best date or dates for you to travel over, we at the Apple Tree Hotel would love to host you during your stay! The Quantocks is breathtaking whatever the weather, but a summer visit during the long warm days is the best way to get the most of the outdoors during your visit.

Step 2: Plan your journey

You can arrive in the Quantocks by driving, taking a train or coach. The choice is yours!

Step 3: Prepare your mountain bike

There are many mountain biking hiring services in the area, be sure to make your booking in advance to avoid disappointment. Alternatively, if you own one, you can bring your own mountain bike if you’re travelling by vehicle. 

Step 4: Choose a mountain biking route

The Quantocks is home to many routes that can be leisurely or an exciting challenge, you can ask the locals, check out our blogs on mountain biking trails, or just freestyle it and pick your own route!*

*If you choose to explore the Quantocks yourself, please stick to established routes, as you can very easily become lost if you aren’t used to the area.

How do I prepare for mountain biking?

Start safe, start slow.

Owners of mountain bikes should make sure it is in working order before you begin your journey, and that you have all the required safety equipment. If you are hiring a mountain bike, be sure to enquire whether you must bring your own safety equipment.

If it’s been a while since you’ve used a mountain bike, or exercised generally, we would recommend getting back into the groove of mountain biking by exploring the trails in your area. 

Avoid injury

Obviously, this is easier said than done, but you would rather avoid an injury before a mountain biking weekend. So to ensure this isn’t the case for you, do the following to reduce your chance of injury.

  • Ride safely with safety equipment if you are using your mountain bike before your trip.
  • Be sure to stretch before and after exercise, this includes riding your mountain bike.
  • Get adequate rest, hydration, and food to make sure your body isn’t overcompensating when it doesn’t need to.

Get the right kit

If your wardrobe doesn’t have a few cycling friendly clothes, we would recommend purchasing some. Sometimes bike trails can be muddy and leave you a bit messy, which is the worst thing possible if you’re wearing clothes you want to keep clean. 

Some clothes can also hinder your cycling ability as they can restrict movement which can cause chafing, this can eventually become painful. 

Clothes that are too baggy may also hinder your cycling ability, so make at least some of your wardrobe is suitable for mountain biking. This includes footwear, mountain biking in sandals is not advisable at all!

What else can you do in Somerset?

Aside from being the home of the Quantocks, Somerset also has lots of fun activities for you to take part in. From exploring historic houses, castles and museums, to hiking the hills, climbing the Glastonbury Tor, and much more. 

Will my kids enjoy Somerset?

Yes, Somerset is host to many activities that children will enjoy, whether it’s a scenic picnic, a day out at the zoo, the seaside town of Weston-super-mare and much more.

Plan a mountain biking weekend in the Quantocks today!

Within this blog, we hope to have illustrated the timeless moments you can capture during your stay with us in the Quantocks. Within this blog, we hope to have shown you the steps of how to plan a mountain biking weekend in the Quantocks.

The Apple Tree Hotel invites you to get in contact with us if you have any questions, or would like to book a stay. We look forward to hosting you, and hearing the tales of your adventures in the Quantocks!




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